Keyless entry systems/Remote Start Systems


Keyless entry system 

  • Parking Light Flash Confirmation

  • Flashing LED Status Indicator

  • Failsafe® Starter Kill

  • Remote Door Lock / Unlock**

  • $2500 Product Performance Guarantee

  • Lifetime warranty


 1-Way one button remote start.  

  • Virtual Tach

  • D2D and ESP2 programming port

  • Remote Engine Starting

  • Parking Light Flash Confirmation

  • XR+ Technology for maximum starting range

  • Doors lock when you start your car**

  • Super bright LED status indicator built into the remote

  • National Travelers Service Program

  • Three Year Product Warranty

  • Two OE Style 1 button Remotes

  • Lifetime warranty


Remote Start Systems

Top Coverage installs remote start systems, Chicago Illinois

Call (708) 233-9771 For additional upgrades

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