Seat Comfort Options



Heated seats.


Comfort Seat Heaters provide the most effective and reliable seat heating capabilities in the industry because they utilize Carbotex, a leading edge, carbon-fiber based technology that offers even heat distribution, versatility in installation and a superior overall comfort level to the finished seat.  Can be installed in rear seats (depending on vehicle) as well as driver seat only.


  • Can be installed in cloth                                                                       

  • *Any vehicle with occupancy sensor in the seat, heaters cannot be placed (passenger seat bottoms or occasionally backs depending on the vehicle).  Depending on the placement sensor, partial heat may be available on the bottom cushion.  please call for further questions.

Top Coverage installs seat cooling options chicago, illinois

Package includes perforated leather and 3 stages of heated and cooled seats.  Whatever temperatures you travel through, it’s always perfect with Degreez.  Degreez is the finest seat cooling and heating system available to the aftermarket. Specifically engineered to provide optimal active heating and cooling in a universal fit package for most applications, Degreez offers 3 levels of cooling and 3 levels of heating for the cushion and back of each seat. Using reticulated foam and perforation allows maximum air flow for consumer comfort.


  • Must have perforated leather.

Climate controlled heated and cooled seats.


Power lumbar support.

We are delighted to offer a complete lumbar solution for your seating comfort

requirements. Power lumbar systems provide optimum seating comfort and control.  The power lumbar systems are available with a wide choice of accessory options to suit both the occupant and seating.














We are capable of customizing your seat comfort by building up  seat padding.  Price and thickness vary per vehicle. We are able to add padding to existing cloth or leather interior.

  • can be installed in leather or cloth















Adding seat foam.

Top Coverage can add heated seats Chicago Illinois
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