Top Coverage South installs Inbuilt Sunroofs which provide the ultimate in open air systems. Produced with world class styling and engineering, Installing both Webasto and or Signature Sunroofs, Top Coverage offers the perfect inbuilt sunroof application for your vehicle, adding to its appearance, value, and overall driving satisfaction. With five models available to choose from our inbuilt line will fit virtually every truck, car, or van manufactured today.

Sunroof Installation

Features and Benefits:


· Available for either standard or curved roof skins.

· Solar tinted encapsulated glass.

· Three button one touch switch illuminates either green or red.

· One touch open / one touch close function.

· Auto close function.

· Programmable comfort position.

· Integrated adjustable pop-up wind deflector minimizes wind noise.

· Built in water management system for protection against the elements.

· Styled front radius.

· OE style mechanism ensures smooth quiet operation.

· Thin module design allows for maximum headroom.

· Headliner substrate allows for clean interior finish.

· Pre-bent trim rings for ribbed roof applications (sold separately).

· Life Time Warranty on sunroof parts to the Original Owner.

Inbuit Sunroof

Top Slider/Spoiler Sunroof

The variable classics: Hollandia 300 spoiler roof. Its attractive looks and versatility have made the Hollandia 300 spoiler roof one of Webasto's most popular sliding roofs. The two different sizes mean that the Hollandia 300 is even suitable for cars with arched roofs since the glass roof simply slides over the car roof. The spoiler helps minimize draughts. The two new versions Entry and Comfort allow an even more flexible use for a perfect integration into the vehicle interior's design. For those, who just want to have more light in the car, Webasto offers the Hollandia 300 Deluxe Medium FTM. This is a roof element without function that can be used as a supplement for an already installed sunroof.

Features and Benefits:

  • Protective Venus ® glass panel protects against heat and ultraviolet light

  • Wind deflector for perfect aerodynamics

  • Variety of operations (Manual, Electric, Soft touch)

  • Optional rain sensor in combination with Soft touch

  • Deluxe: integrated sunblind, Auto-Close and Auto-Retract system, illuminated control panel, two programmable opening positions

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